Hiking on the island Tunø

Tunø is less than one hours sailing from Hou.

The weather on Tunø is, on average, better than other places in the country due to the geographical position of the island. Thus you can find mulberry and fig trees growing here.

A narrow path, following the coast, takes you around the island. It's a three hour walk. On the walk, you have a good chance of finding different fossils, especially below the steep cliffs.

A walk along the cliff path offers beautiful sea views. In the summer months, you may be lucky to see porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) with their young hunting for herrings and other fish along the coast.

Notice how the cliffs are being eroded. Each year during the autumn and winter storms, erosion steadily eats away at the land. Due to the risk of landslides, we recommend that you keep to the path and don’t go near the edge.

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