Explore the ancient Kingdom of Denmark

Denmark is steeped in a rich history, just waiting to be discovered. Come and find your own Viking treasures, walk amongst ancient rune stones or feel history come to life at Denmark's castles and manor houses. Many Danish castles are still used by the Royal Family today, including Queen Margrethe, Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik. You can take part in a number of traditional royal celebrations and events throughout the year. There are also hundreds of history museums with interactive exhibits and living museums outdoors. Step back in time and into the history of Denmark.

Fairy-tale Kingdom

Come and wonder at a really regal nation. Denmark is full of castles, manor houses and formal gardens to be visited. Get up close to Danish royalty of the past and present at famous castles such as Kronborg and Egeskov. You can visit the homes of Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik and Queen Margrethe. Or stay in a castle yourself!

Frederiksborg Castle

12 spectacular castles you should visit

See Denmark's best known and most dramatic castles and how to pay them a visit, including Frederiksborg and Amalienborg, home of Queen Margrethe.

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Castle hotels Denmark

Stay in a castle or manor house hotel

Treat yourself like royalty and stay in a prestigious and historic setting, with state-of-the-art amenities. Staying in a castle or manor house is the best of old and new Denmark in one holiday experience.

The Danish Royal Family

The Danish Royal Family are one of the most down-to-earth on the planet! Throughout the year, there are a number of royal events and celebrations in Denmark which you can take part in, full of traditional pomp and ceremony. Danes are extremely proud of their heritage, so witnessing a special royal occasion is a memory you'll cherish.

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik

Get to know the Danish Royal Family

Denmark is an ancient kingdom, founded in the 10th century by Viking kings Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth. Find out more about Danish royalty here!

Famous historical landmarks

Denmark has many must-see castles, but it also offers you unique historical sites, such as Roskilde Cathedral, last resting place of Denmark's kings and queens and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get more ideas for famous places to visit in Denmark here.

Kronborg Castle

The home of Shakespeare's Hamlet

Put this world heritage site on your bucket list

World Heritage Sites Denmark

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Denmark

Here is all you need to know about Denmark's most important cultural, historical and natural treasures, including Kronborg Castle and Stevns Klint.

Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle and Gardens

Explore the stunning home of the Museum of National History

Land of legends

Denmark is Viking country, full of opportunities for Viking adventures of your own. It's also a place where you can explore the impressive legacy of fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. Find out more about the legends and Great Danes who have helped shape Denmark's history.


Go raid Denmark's Viking past! Look at genuine longboats, walk among monuments and burial grounds, inspect the pallisades of Viking fortresses and learn more about the Danish Vikings and their role in world history.

Unique Danish heritage

Denmark is a country surrounded by water and the sea has played an important part in shaping its past. Explore prehistoric treasures in the brand new Moesgaard Museum and see the rich and varied history Denmark has to offer.

Moesgaard Museum

Stunning Moesgaard Museum is a must see

Walk into the hillside and back in time at this stunning museum of pre-history, just outside Aarhus.