Horse Ino

Close out against Tårnborgvej, in the small grassy area that the road "Tårnborg Bridge" cuts, lies just above the slope a granite stone which is carved a I.

Although the site is crossed daily by thousands of people probably notice only a minority of the modest stone, and of the few who notice it, it's probably even fewer who realize what The I mean. The letter I means "INO" and that's the name of the horse as a General Krogh rode at the Battle of Isted on 25th July 1850 - and the horse is buried under the stone.

Why is General Krogh's horse buried on "Tårnborg" fields? - General Krogh's daughter was married to the owner of "Tårnborg" Valdemar Tully Oxholm - so the horse which had carried "victor of Isted" enjoyed his retirement here close Korsor, at its owner's son

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Latitude : 55.343311