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Hotel Amerika

Hotel Amerika – a Hotel located in the middle of “Østerskoven” is a beach forest of Hobro. You will find small paths that will lead you to Mariagerfjord and to the beautiful harbour.

We do our outmost to provide you with a consistent experience, and that the food and quality always is at it's best. We belive that it makes an outstanding foundation for this hotel

Hotel Amerika is a modern fourstar hotel with facilities of a very high standard, wether you are having a private party, weekend stay, conference or if you are a guest at our Hotel.

Free parking, free internet in the confrence & in the rooms.

Del denne side

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Amerikavej 48
9500 Hobro


+45 98 54 42 00


+45 98 52 74 10

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Longitude : 9.8360587116
Latitude : 56.634884048