House of Bubble

House of Bubble offers refreshing drinks with tapioka pearls as a sweet topping. 

Bubble tea is a relatively new phenomenon in Denmark and is originally from Taiwan. When you order bubble tea, you get a drink based on green or black tea mixed with aromatic juice or a vegan non-dairy cream. The drink is mixed toppings like tapioka pearls, boba (balls of concentrated fruit juice) or jelly.

The pearls, or bubbles as some call them, are edible and are to be enjoyed with the drink.

House of Bubble offers different flavors, including mango, elderflower, mint, taro, licorice, etc.

Opening hours
01/01/2013 - 31/12/2013 Tuesday - Friday 12:00 - 19:00
01/01/2013 - 31/12/2013 Saturday 12:00 - 18:00

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Hyskenstræde 12
1207 København K


+45 5119 9969

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