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How can scents improve your meeting?

We've all been there. Sitting in a meeting and almost falling asleep. Using scents in meetings can help you create a better climate in the meeting room and energize your meeting participants.

It is proven that better scented rooms give a much better climate. Participants will be more awake and alert during the meeting, they will have an increased focus on speakers and they will be more motivated for active participation.

Find the scent that matches your meeting

Scenting is all about the right combinations of aroma. You will get the best result if you use a combination of relaxing and uplifting aromas. Learn more about scenting in meetings and conferences and find the scent that matches your meeting here ...

A dab of common scents

Aromas have different effects on everyone, but these natural fragrances are odors for the masses.

Peppermint is invigorating
Peppermint scent increases activity in the brain area that wakes us up in the morning. Research has shown that exercisers run faster and do more push-ups when exposed to the scent. In meetings you can use the scent of peppermint to create a creative and energetic atmosphere.

Lavender is relaxing
Exposure to lavender scent can decrease heart rate. Take several whiffs to recharge yourself during work breaks. Japanese researchers find that the practice helps prevent an afternoon slump in concentration.

Rosemary can boost your brain
Research show that an essential oil of rosemary can improve the speed and accuracy while we think. In meetings you can use the scent of rosemary to stimulate the participants ability to learn.

Jasmine is a sleep aid
Research has shown that the scent of jasmine in your bedroom leads to a more restful night of sleep and a greater level of alertness the following day. In meetings you can use the scent of jasmine during a break to help your participant relax and feel energized for the rest of the meeting.

Vanilla affects the appetite
Research finds that it works as a replacement for the pleasure that you would get from eating sweets—but without the calories. In meetings you can use the scent of vanilla during the lunch break to encourage people to eat healthy lunch.


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Scents in an office environment can:

- Increase productivity by 54 percent

- Increase the power of concentration by 17 per cent

- Reduce the number of errors

- People write 20 percent faster under the influence of a scent program

Source Joel Leonard and Professor Brian Moeran, Copenhagen Business School.