Idea Spiral

Purpose: to make new ideas, to build on each other’s ideas and to give more people ownership to the ideas.

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An Idea spiral is an effective idea developing technique about literally saying "yes and" to each other’s ideas. The method is great in cohesion with a brainstorm.


  • to make new ideas
  • to build on each other’s ideas
  • to give more people ownership to the ideas


5-15 minutes

Materials needed:

20 pieces of paper or a post-it block and a felt pen for all the participants.

Best suited for:

2-100 persons, but can also be done with many parallel groups.

How to get started:

- Place 2-4 people together. If needed, arrange one of you to write down the ideas.

- Explain that you are creating an idea festoon by weaving the ideas into each other. Everything is allowed, as long as you play with thoughts and ideas.

- The first person comes up with an idea, the next person says "yes and" and builds on the ideas.

- Everybody adds to the idea by literally saying "yes and". Thus it continues until there is no more ideas to be added to the original idea.

- The next person starts a new idea and everyone adds to it.

- When you are finished or out of time, you look at all the different ideas and pick the best ones.

More info about this exercise:

Bo Krüger, Moving Minds, bo@movingmi...

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