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The impact of colours

Colours have a decisive influence on our visual perception of a room. In meetings we can use coulors to create an atmosphere that will support the overall aim of the meeting.

The colours can be used consciously to create a specific atmosphere in a meeting room. All it takes is some thought as to the overall aim of the meeting and to choose the coulors that will stimulate the desired atmosphere in the meeting.

Each colour has both a physical and mental direct influence on our wellbeing and general health. It is therefore important to keep in mind what effect the colours will have in a given space.

Intense colours

Intense colours seem dynamic and positive and they can help provide an intimate and open atmosphere.

Bright colours

Bright colours stimulate the senses and cause unrest and activity.

Dark colours

Dark colours like brown, indigo, olive and chestnut carries a weight that calls for embedding, stability and passion.

Nature's colours

Nature's colours are brown and green in all their tones. They signal stable, reliable, responsible, balanced harmony and relaxation. Green also symbolizes optimism and hope. Here in a church, the bright tones of nature have been used to create a harmonious and relaxed space.

Cool colours

Cool colours are soothing. The blue colour helps to strengthen communication, but also exudes distance.

Pale colours

Pale colours along with white are the most soothing. They stand for the pure and true. They bring balance in space, but can also give an effect of emptiness, why it is important that there is something else that brings balance in the room such as soft furnishings.

The black colour

The black colour creates depth and a sense of self-awareness. It radiates strength and accountability. Both white and black can provide an elegant and safe atmospheric, it is the way they are spent which is important.


Grey is not boring if used with white and natural materials. Gray symbolizes neutral, impartial, and democratic values.

Warm colours

Warm colours are stimulating. They provide space for contemplation. 

Source: Malene Hasse, Company Styling by Homestyling, colour psychology, and more...


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