Indslev Brewery

Experience a modern brewery in a historical frame
We focus on renewal with a respect for traditions at the first wheat beer brewery in Denmark, to develop the best beer and brew-technologies. Dating back to 1897, Indslev Bryggeri reopened as a modern brewery in April 2006.

Wheat beer from Indslev is a great experience. Every week, shops, cafés and restaurants receive freshly tapped beer from Indslev – for you to enjoy.

Wheat beer is an airy and elegant beer- one of the most refreshing beers available. Indslev is the first brewery in Denmark which is fully specialized in wheat beer. Our beers are high quality speciality beers.                           Enjoy in a tall, large glass as pure enjoyment, to complement a delicious meal – or as a first-class thirst-quencher.

Look forward to taste the freshly tapped beer from Indslev. See the whole process of beer-making, get the historical information and enjoy the tasting process, where also the speciality beer „Stakit-øl“ (fence-beer) in three-litre bottles are available.

Tours are on week-days and only by appointment. Call us and get an unforgettable experience at Indslev Bryggeri.

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Store Landevej 13
5580 Nørre Aaby


+45 64 44 15 07


+45 64 44 15 57


  • City / Area

    • Middelfart
    • Nørre Åby

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