Ingeborg of Kalundborg

Ingeborg of Kalundborg was the daughter of Esbern Snare and reigned in Kalundborg ,from Esberns death in 1204 until she was driven from the city in the 1262nd.

Ingeborg was married to Peter Strangesen. Peder Strangesen was older than Ingeborg, and died in 1241 in Ribe, when he was on his way to the Holy Land. The time in Denmark was unstable after Valdemar Sejer’s death in 1241, each of his three sons wanted the throne. Ingeborg was close to the middle brother, Abel, and supported him and later his sons, in the being recognized as the Duke of Schleswig. From 1252 the third brother Christopher ruled in Denmark, and he was very unpopular. Espesaily the Archbishop and  the noblemen disliked him.

The conflict culminated in 1259, with the former archbishop was imprisoned, and Christoffer suddenly then died, he was probably poisoned. Queen Margrethe Sambiria and the 10-year-old son Erik Klipping was left to rule. The Queen only quiet down the conflict by releasing the Archbishop and gave Schleswig to Abel’s Son Erik.

The conflict began again in 1261, when Queen Margaret and King Eric attacked Erik in Schleswig. They were defeated in battle of Lohede, where Queen Margrethe and King Erik were captured. They were released by Albrecht of Braunschweig, who attacked from the south in 1262.  At this point Ingborg was fled from Kalundborg, and lived in Schleswig till her death in 1267.

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4400 Kalundborg


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  • City / Area

    • Kalundborg
    • Sealand, Møn, Lolland-Falster
    • Vestsjælland
  • Classification

    • Historical

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    Longitude : 11.086902900
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