International Meetovation Training Programme

Join the force – get ‘Meetovated’!

To date, 300+ corporate meeting planners in various jobs and key staff members at 120 Danish hotels, conference and congress centres, museums, theatres and incoming bureaus have completed the educational programme and are certified “Meetovators”.

The Danish Meetovation concept and training programme was launched in early 2010 and today the constantly evolving concept and course is targeting Danish hotel and conference centre staff as well as Danish and international corporate and association meeting planners.

VisitDenmark and partners also use Meetovation as a central element in the international meeting destination branding, and everyone involved are approved ‘Meetovators’ and proud to be amongst the leaders in the crusade against boring meetings!

Want to get 'Meetovated' too? Join the 3-day International Meetovation training programme!

The International Meetovation training programmes are targeted at corporate and association meeting planners who wish to improve the return on investment in their business events.

Day 1 - 9.00 – 17.00
Subject: Introduction and the Meetovation methodology
Trainers: Bo Krüger & Ann Hansen

The start-up provides a basic understanding of the principles, ideas, needs and challenges that are inevitable for future meetings and conferences and how these have an effect on the participants' own working conditions and function.
Raising awareness of the value the meeting designer can provide to the process, and connecting the meeting designer’s role with the organizer’s goals and the participants' benefit.

• Learn about the ROMI model.
• Learn how to create learning objectives and use them to ensure the design process gives value.
• Gain awareness of your own role and value.
• Tools to lift the conversation with meeting owners to a more strategic level.
• Gain awareness on what meeting design is in your organization.

Day 2 - 09.00 – 17.00
Subject: Participant involvement and learning design
Trainers: Bo Krüger & Ann Hansen

• Learn about participant involvement through participation involvement.
• Learn about teaching styles.
• Learn tools and techniques to ensure participant involvement and activity during a meeting.
• Learn about why it is important that the participants are involved.
• Learn practical ways on how you can keep the attention of the participants high.
• Learn how to optimize the benefits for the participants.
• Gain understanding of the benefits and challenges associated with participant involvement.
• Gain experience with selected methods and techniques.
• Learn to prepare the participants to be 'ambassadors' for participant involvement.

Day 3 - 9.00 – 17.00
Subject: Physical set-up and concept developing
Trainers: Bo Krüger & Ann Hansen

Using the physical environment in meetings
• Learn about the importance of the flexibility of the room layout and how it can have a direct impact on the yield of meetings and conferences.
• Gain methods to optimize the surroundings' influence on the outcome of the participants.
• Get tips for how you can effectively change the existing surrounding.

Concept development
• Get experience in the concept development techniques.
• Be challenged to think meetings in new formats - break the conventional thinking.
• Learn how meeting concepts/meeting scripts are build.
• Learn how to develop your own meeting concept/script, which is useful for your own future meetings and conferences.

About the trainers:

The Meetovation training is created and facilitated by Bo Krüger and Ann Hansen, two of the worlds leading Meeting Designers. They have been a part of the very creation of the Meetovation concept and are constantly co-creating with Business Events Denmark in conferences, events and the continuous development of Meetovation.
Ann and Bo have for years trained and facilitated people all around the world in Meeting Design. They have constantly worked on methods to make it as easy as possible for meeting- and event planners to apply the Meetovation meeting design principles and create great events.

Practical information:

Date in the fall 2016:
6th-8th of September 2016
Training days from 9.00 - 17.00

Copenhagen, Denmark - venue to follow

€ 1.800 incl. educational material, The Meeting Design Game, refreshments and lunch for all 3 days

Accommodation and travel:
Individual arrangements - but we can assist if help is needed.

Sign up for the programme here

If you want to know more, then feel free to contact Ann Hansen or Business Events Denmark

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A motivated Meetovator

Peter Bagger - a Danish Meetovator

Peter Bagger, Sales Manager – Meetings & Events at Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, on completing the Meetovation traning programme:

I'm very thrilled to have participated in the Danish Meetovation training programme. Having worked within the meeting industry for many years, it sometimes seems that you know it all and you're 100% aware of your clients' needs. Meetovation, however, open my eyes to the fact that we live in a world of constant change and that we communicate and work on so many different platforms. The training programme provided us with a wide range of tangible tools and methods on how to maximize the output of a meeting or conference and measure the yield of the meeting.

During the course, we rehearsed a wide range of Meetovation tools ourselves and most importantly, we were tought how to use these methods with our customers.

Meetovation has inspired me to look at meetings and events with fresh eyes; Why don't we turn the whole thing upside down and see what we can do differently and perhaps better?! We all went away inspired and with lots of great ideas for tangible changes that we could implement immediately our daily business and with immediate results.

Becoming a Meetovator changed my approach towards creating more innovative, inspiring and not least more productive meetings to our customers. A big thank you goes to the professional team at concept+competence for teaching me how to create more MINDblowing meetings!