Meetings in Denmark

The journey towards Meetovation...

The early stages of Meetovation

Change is good! (2003)

Such was the simple mantra after a brainstorm session by a group of visionary Meeting Industry Leaders in Denmark back in 2003. The session sowed the seeds for moving away from conducting rather conventional meetings and conferences to something new and exciting and soon a joint public/private initiative dubbed “The Meeting Concept of the Future” was born.

The Danish Ministry of Business and Growth pledged 1.1 million DKK (approx. € 145.000) in support to the visionary initiative; eight hotels and conference centres represented the private partners, and a joint secretariat was set up between VisitDenmark and Wonderful Copenhagen CVB to coordinate work and drive the process forward - in a fruitful collaboration with other local tourist organisations across Denmark; VisitAarhus, VisitAalborg and the Region of Southern Denmark particularly.

The Meetings Bazaar (2004)

In early 2004, at a “Meetings Bazaar” in Copenhagen, the Danish partners discussed all kinds of imaginative solutions for making meetings better. Ideas included moving the conference room out to the beach, letting delegates sit with their feet in the sea, furnishing meeting facilities with soft cubes instead of chairs and tables, candle-lit brainstorming rooms, and many more. To mention a couple of results, concepts like “The learning meeting” were created - with emphasis on involving and activating delegates - and “Meeting Designer” consultancy services as a tool to assist the client in planning better meetings.

The Next step (2006)

The next step was taken just a few years later. In 2006, a project was designed with three major objectives and phases:
- Raise the competence level for key personnel in hotels and conference centres
- Develop tangible and bookable innovative meeting designs
- Market Denmark internationally as the place, where “you get more meeting value for your money”.

Again, the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth approved the initiative and contributed with 2.5 million DKK (approx € 335.000) over the following three years, and this time the funding was more than matched by the private meeting industry’s partners with a total investment of 3.2 million DKK (approx. €430.000).

Today. Tomorrow. Together! (2010+)

VisitDenmark took care of the project management and defined the end “product” as “Meetovation”. In early 2010 the Danish Meetovation concept and the Meetovation Training programme was ready for launch.

..and the learning curve never stops

Meetovation constantly evolves with new ideas, experiences and solutions popping up everywhere in an never-ending learning-curve! Find out more on this Meetovation platform created for  anyone interested in increasing the Return On their next meeting Investment!

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