Juelsminde Put & Take - Teglværkssøen

NOTE! At the moment there are no fish in the lake. The lake will be cleaned and new fish will be set out for the summer season 2016.

Teglværksøen is situated in Tofteskoven.

The lake is in a delightful setting surrounded by forest and bushes.

There are pontoon jetties on the banks of the lake to make fishing comfortabel and easily accessible, not least for children.

Tables and benches have been set up in the surrounding areas of greenery.

The lake is well stocked with rainbow trout weighing up to 8 kg and there are tables for cleaning the catch.
Fishing licences are on sale at the lake.

2-hour licence Dkk 50,00.
4-hour licence Dkk 80,00.
One-day licence (valid from sunrise to sunset) Dkk 150,00.

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Tofteskovvej, Juelsminde
7130 Juelsminde


+45 21289687



Longitude : 10.002236
Latitude : 55.70757