Kino Nibe - Cinema

Nibe has a cosy and well-established cinema, which, besides showing films, also functions as a drop-in-centre for a number of local clubs and associations when the cinema does not have any filmshowings scheduled.

The success of Kino Nibe can be attributted to the many volunteers in the cinema, who are responsible for the day-to-day function of the cinema, including ticket- and candy sales, cleaning, and the filmshowings. 

Kino Nibe has invested a large sum of money to improve the sound- and picture quality and renovated the café as well as the cinema itself, so that the audience can enjoy a film experience in cozy surroundings. Since its opening in 1922, the cinema has been renovated many times, but it has maintained much of the charm and soul of the original 1922 cinema.

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Skomagergade 22
9240 Nibe


+45 98353000

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Longitude : 9.638463
Latitude : 56.982022