Kirsten Winther Johannsen

Kirsten W. Johannsen: In the little village - Henne St. by close to the beach in Henne Strand, Westjutland - you´ll find a stoneware workshop and gallery - owned by Kirsten Winther Johannsen.
Her works, which consist of both utilityware (teapots, mugs, bowls etc.) and one-of-a-kind items, are hand - thrown and decorated. The glazes used include some composed of various types of wood ash. The works are kept to the colours beige, blue and white and are distinguished by the tauthness of their decoration. The gallery alos exhibits paintings. graphics, water colour and ceramics by selected west Jutland artists.

Workshop of homemade paintings, grafics, water colour paintings and keramik of Westjutland artists.

I'm situated about 8 km from Nørre Nebel and 9 km from Henne Strand.

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Frederiksberg 9
6854 Henne

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    Longitude : 8.3014
    Latitude : 55.710437

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