Knarbos Klint - Kårup

Driving directions: From Fårevejle you drive towards Snertinge.
After 5 kilometres you turn right towards Ordrup by Vindekilde Strandvej. Park on the right side of the road where the forest starts. Follow the path to the beach where the cliff is situated to the right.

Fish species and season: Sea trout -  specially good in spring, summer (night fishing) and autumn. Garfish in May.

Bottom conditions: Varied with both stone reef and more sandy areas. Waders and wading stick is an advantage, but not a necessity.

The coast here offers good possibilities of finding shelter when the wind comes from east.

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Knarbos Klint, Vindekilde Strandvej
4540 Fårevejle



Longitude : 11.37586202
Latitude : 55.797959816