Kobæk Forest

Kobæk Skov (forest) near Skælskør was established in 2009 by the Forest and Nature Administration.
The nature area of about 95 ha consist of forest, open range, salt meadows and a recreated wetland north of Kobækvej. 4 parking lots as well as paths laid with gravel and a dog forest.
In the south end of the forest the gravel paths are laid so that they can be used by wheel chair users. Get PDF pamphlet

Nature base and shelter by the Vasebroen (bridge) is used for staying overnight. This is owned by Slagelse commune. Look at the web page for more information or contact the nature guides on tel.: +45 58 53 02 73.

By Kobæk Sø (lake) a bird tower has been built which also can be used by wheel chair users.

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Longitude : 11.267571
Latitude : 55.256984