The beautiful country mansion, Konstedlund - or as it was perviously called, Kongslevlund - is located at the edge of Lille Vildmose, south east of Kongerslev town.

Legends tell that there was a pirate's castle here which belonged to Store Mogens (Big Mogens), and that the name is connected to this pirate chief. He lies buried in a barrow south of Kongerslev - Store Monshøj.

The original Kongstedlund house was, however, first buillt in 1592 by Niels Juul, and he was the one who changed the name from Kongslevlund to Kongstedlund. Eight years later, he was killed at a Whitsun market in the town of Aalborg, where he got onto a fight with another nobleman - Albret Skeel from Jungetgård near Salling.

The beautiful sandstone portal which adorns the entranceto of the main building was erected by the subsequent owner Iver Krabbe in 1640.

There is no admittance to the public.

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Kongstedlund Kongerslev
9293 Kongerslev


  • Access

    • By appointment only

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 10.140574
    Latitude : 56.873241

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