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Kunsthal 44 Møen is a an international exhibition site based on a long-standing  collaboration between Møn based artists such as Bjørn Nørgaard, Ursula Reuter Christiansen, the deceased composer and Fluxus-artist Henning Christiansen and international actors connected with the FLUXUS-movement, with the German curator and art-collector René Block in front. Exactly those artists founded Kunstforeningen 44 Møen, who created Kunsthal 44 Møen and now runs the exhibition site. 

Since the opening in 2008 the site – a former garage – has been renovated so today it is a modern  exhibition space with an international perspective and high artistic standard. Because of this Kunsthal 44 Møn last year got the “Danish Art Critics Award” with this motivation, “The marvellous thing is, that at this site in Askeby faraway from the big metropols, it has been possible to focus on a high international level in an interplay among different types of exhibitions which each time is presented very stringent. Kunsthal 44 Møn does not suffer from horror vacui; it strikes a perfect balance between contemporary art forms and the architectural framework.”

In 2010, the Building- and Landscape Architecture Association Møn presented an award to Kunsthal 44 Moen for its architectural design and how it meets the demands of contemporary art. Vordingborg municipality gave 44 Møen a “special appreciation” at the 2010 Cultural Awards.

Since the first exhibition, Imagine Mønhattan, programs of the exhibition have alternated between contemporary art and recent avant-garde including FLUXUS and conceptual art. René Block, the artistic director of the gallery, runs among others also the project space TANAS in Berlin, where he continues his year-long investigations of Turkish contemporary art. (www.tanasberlin.de).

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Fanefjordgade 44
4792 Askeby


+45 23927119

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