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Læsø Kur

Out in the middle of the Kattegat Læsø appears on the horizon. The first sight of land is the church tower in Vesterø. In the shelter of the tower Læsø Kur is ready to welcome you with luxury and wellbeing based on the island's salt.

Entrance to the centre gives you access to a range of facilities, such as salt baths, saunas, steambaths, salt inhalation, a clay and sea algae room and more. We also offer a range of dirrerent treatments, wellbeing packages and longer stays.

Del denne side

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Vesterø Havnegade 28
9940 Læsø


+45 98491322


  • Type

    • Spa / Jacuzzi
    • Massage
    • Sanatorium

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Longitude : 10.922685
Latitude : 57.291596