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MINDblowing Meetings is the story about our unique Danish way of designing innovative meetings.
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MINDblowing Meetings is the story about our unique Danish way of designing meetings. It is about our Danish "movement" fighting for engaging and innovative meetings whilst ensuring a high, measurable Return on Meeting Investment. 

Often, MINDblowing Meetings will encompass one or more of the following elements:

  1. Active involvement
  2. Creative Setup
  3. Local inspiration
  4. Green/responsible thinking
  5. Return on Meeting Investment

Engage. Excite. Encourage.

In Denmark the delegates are actively involved. Meeting and conference facilities are used in new and creative ways. Inspiring local experiences are part of the programme. Responsible thinking is key with focus on local produce, recycling and environmentally friendly transport. With these elements in MIND, we guarantee the creation of successful meetings with high returns on investments. In fact, these key ingredients also just happen to form the basics of our unique Danish ‘Meetovation’ concept, designed to engage, excite and encourage!

Great Danes - Great MINDers of Meetings!

Denmark has continuously shown its talent for staging successful high profile meetings, conferences and congresses such as the COP15, the IOC and many more. Being one of the world’s most innovative and dynamic meeting destinations, this is also where tailor-made meeting planning is combined with easy accessibility, excellent infrastructure, world-class restaurants, hotels and venues and a strong focus on sustainability without a blink!

Our approach to meeting designs and execution, therefore, makes staging meetings in Denmark not only more inspiring and innovative, it also helps companies to assess the benefits of their meetings held here.

So, to get a fresh, open-MINDed perspective on meeting designs from the people who invented MINDblowing Meetings and ‘Meetovation’ and to find out more about ‘what's on’ within the progressive Danish Meetings Industry, go to our MINDblowing Meetings site.

Thinking out of the box…


In 2012 VisitDenmark and partners brings Meeting Planners and Agencies in Sweden, Norway, Germany, the UK and the USA the pioneering MINDchallenge competition. Participants are asked to present a fictional case of an international business event taking place in Copenhagen to a panel of judges. The winners of the local MINDchalllenges are subsequently invited to take part in a "GRAND MINDchallenge FINALE" on 1st August 2012 in London during the Olympics. Here an international MINDchallenge jury will choose the final winner of MINDchallenge 2012, and the winning prize is a 1-day meeting for 50 persons in Copenhagen, incl. accommodation, at the internationally awarded Bella Sky Comwell Hotel in Copenhagen.


For the 3rd consecutive time, VisitDenmark and Wonderful Copenhagen CVB invite International Meeting Planners to a forward-thinking and far-sighted networking event in Copenhagen; ‘MIND Event 2012’ – Meeting & Incentive Networking in Denmark - on 15-16 November 2012. Focus is on obtaining more effective results and higher return on investment on business events, whilst simultaneously creating highly innovative and inspiring meetings. The MINDblowing event is based on the Danish Meetovation concept and has been a smash-hit with participants the previous two years! Find out more here


According to The Economist’s Global Talent Outlook 2011-2015 ranks Denmark no. 1 in Europe and 2nd in the world in terms of a nation’s ability to develop and attract foreign talent - yet another example of why Denmark excels in creating inspiring and innovative minds and meetings!


According to The Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011, Denmark ranks 2nd best country in the EU in terms of innovation and research! The scoreboard - prepared by the Maastricht Economic and Social Research and Training Centre on Innovation and Technology (MERIT) in collaboration with the European Commission's in-house science service, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) – lists the highest ranked "innovation leaders" in Europe as: 1. Sweden, 2. Denmark, 3. Germany and 4. Finland.

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