Lille Blåkilde (Little Bluespring)

Lille Blåkilde
(little blue spring) is located north of Rebild.

It is known to be the richest of the springs in the area of Rold Skov, measuring the outflow of water. The outflow is approx. 150 l/sec. and the spring drains an area of 10-12 square kilometres.

The spring is a mix between a string-spring and a seepage-spring. The water gushes from several small craters - often with chalky bottom. The stream leads to Lindenborg Å, that flows approx. 70 m from the spring.

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Lille Blåkilde, Rold Skov
9520 Skørping


  • Type

    • Nature reserve

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 9.843920984
    Latitude : 56.849710228

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