The Little Belt

Out to make a catch:
If angling has your interest the Little Belt are the right place. Some of the best places to catch fish in Denmark can be found here when it comes to cod, flatfish and herring.
There are angling trips on board fishing boats on the Little Belt throughout the year and with a little luck it is possible to catch one og the impressive cod or big flatfish that are far from unusual in these waters.

The harbour at Fredericia is also a popular haunt of anglers - who are always welcome provided they respect the fact that the harbour is also a busy workplace. Cod can be caught here all year round, as well as flatfish and hering, and during the summer there are also garfisch, mackerel and eel.

If nature and angling are your preference there are many excellent places to fish along the coast, where there is also a good chance of catching the sea trout. Rainbow trout are perhaps less difficult and, together with eel and carp, can be caught at the Trelde trout lake.

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