Local Inspiration

Let the local environment play a role, and give your participants a unique experience they will remember for both professional and personal level. An experience that emphasizes why this particular destination has been chosen for your meeting. Visit local attractions, let the local cuisine being part of a lunch and use local experts or pep-talk to support your meeting.

Use the attractions, environments and knowledge available in the area where you're meeting - as long as it is relevant. The local input can namely support what meeting is about, in a different way.

At the same time the chance that the participants can remember the meeting, far greater if you include the local area instead of spending all their time indoors at a conference center.

Ex .: Do you inspiration meeting in Jutland, where some of the largest companies have head offices, it may be appropriate to have a representative from the Danish business as speaker. Keeps the network meeting on Funen, could be an idea to go out and sail on Svendborgsund and know each other under different circumstances.

Below you'll find tools and ideas for how you can incorporate local inspiration for your next meeting.

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