Meetovation = Active involvement

Involve and engage your participants! Do this by primarily moving away from one-way communication and towards group work, walks and talks, time for reflection, etc. The result will be a higher level of learning and comprehension with increasing long-term benefits.

Get a quick introduction to the Active Involvement element of Meetovation

Be inspired and learn new techniques on how to involve your participants in your meeting by using some of the tangible proofs show below:

Tool Tip

Active involvement makes meetings more valuable because:

  1. It helps you make better decisions
  2. It increases networking and knowledge sharing
  3. It engages and motivates the participants

More about the importance of active involvement

Meetings in Denmark

Video guide to active involvement

Danish meeting expert Bo Krüger shares tips on how to energize and involve delegates

Meetings in Denmark

Methods to create energy

Energizers are effective and diverse means to jumpstart energy and group dynamics. They are short and simple exercises and games, which can be used anytime and anywhere! 

Active involvement - how its done