Meetings in Denmark

Meetovation = Active involvement

Meetovation moves you away from one-way communication by involving and engaging participants. The result is higher level of learning and comprehension and greater long-term benefits.

A few examples on what active involvement in meetings actually means are:  


Create new conference dynamics by simply rearranging the tables and chairs. Participants are now able to work in smaller groups, getting to know one another better and sharing views on the subjects and experiences of the day.


Innovative conference setups and engaging participants actively generates a positive energy and makes meetings seem less tiring.


Use new digital technology to provide immediate feedback, either to the participants or to the organisers.


Meetovation includes brainstorming techniques that help participants to share knowledge and develop creative ideas and strategies.


Role plays, 'thinking hats', etc. will allow participants to see situations from different angles and gain insight into complex workplace dynamics.

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