Meetovation = Creative setups

Use the physical set-up in new ways – it will motivate your meeting participants: Work with inspiring interior and invigorate your senses with playful light and aromas. The meeting venue could be a meeting room, a theatre or outdoors in a forest? - Everything is possible, as long as the physical set-up generates energy, concentration and creativity!

Get a short introduction to the Creative Setup element of Meetovation  

Below you will find a range of tools and inspiration for open-minded meeting planners who wish to incorporate creative setups into meetings:

Tool Tip

Physical Setups are about the creative use of:

- places and spaces at the destination

- setups in- and outside the meeting room

- using your venue to underpin the key purpose of your meeting!

Creative Setups - places & spaces

Flexibility and creativity is key and the range of excellent meeting facilities in Denmark has never been bigger, better - and greener - than today.

Video: Creative Setups - Meetovation style

Let meetovation inspire you!

Colours, scents and music in meetings...

- can be used consciously to create a specific atmosphere in a given space. 

Be inspired and learn more about how to use it in your meeting.

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How can music improve your meeting?

Employ music in your meeting and get a higher return on investment.