Meetings in Denmark

Meetovation = Local inspiration

Meetovation emphasises the use of unique and original environments and local attractions. The sense of authenticity helps delegates open their minds and better appreciate and remember where, how and why they spent time a your meeting!

Here are a few examples on what we mean by local inspiration in meetings:

Easy access

Wherever you go in Denmark there are exciting experiences close at hand. Conference-goers will enjoy easy access to venues and will benefit from the efficiency of the Danish transport infrastructure.


Meetovation helps organisers emphasise the purpose and key issues of their conference by including local experiences and excursions both in the city and the countryside that are relevant to the conference program.


Denmark offers a wide choice. When planning a conference or seminar you can draw on local resources within culture, nature, industry, science, design, history, gastronomy, ecology, clean energy – and much more.

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