Meetovation = Responsible thinking

Let responsible thinking be a natural part of your meeting. It's a bonus for both the environment, your participants, and your budget! Brain food and physical activity is a must in meetings. The same goes for recycling. Responsible thinking not only sends a positive message, it also helps stimulate the energy of your meeting.

Learn more about how to add responsible thinking to your meeting

Below is a range of useful and tangible guidelines on how to incorporate sustainability at meetings, ideas for places to go and things to do to drive responsible thinking at your next event:

Meetings in Denmark

The Danish Sustainable Events Initiative

The Danish Sustainable Events Initiative (DSEI) and the Copenhagen Sustainable Meetings Protocol (CSMP) are sharing best practices and leadership strategies that can be used to organise meetings in more sustainable ways.

Sustainable meetings in Denmark

Denmark is known as one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. There are over 69 percent eco-certified hotels and meeting places in Copenhagen which also happens to have been awarded 'European Green Capital' for 2014.

Meetings in Denmark

Green, greener, greenest - how to create green and socially responsible meetings

Meetovation has developed a guide to green and responsible meetings. Use the guide to test your next venue and find out if it is green, greener or greenest.



Brain Food at meetings

Using local ingredients is corporate responsibility.Its good for the environment and ensures more nutritious products that energise your participants. Be inspired by the Radisson Blu's six Brain Food principles and improve the ROI of your meeting in Denmark; it'll be a 'win-win' solution!