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The beautiful white building laying like a pearl in one of Djurslands beautiful scenery, in its present form just a baby between our ancient monuments, nearly 100 years, but Meilgård first mentioned under its original name "Medelgård" since the estate passed into other hands after Niels Griis in 1345 Through the centuries changed its estate ownership among many different genera, here just at random include a few as Jørgen Kaas vassal at Copenhagen Castle, he owned Meilgård from 1559 until his death the 1619th Other include A.E. Von Pentz - known as the evil Pentz for his many misdeeds - including he shall in  bad temper killed one of his children and threw the corpse into the moat, therefore he goes again, after what’s being said, yes, Meilgård estate is really old enough to have its ghost, as befits on a real Castle. In 1868 Baron C.F. Juel-Brockdorff the estate, which since then has been in the family, the current owner operates the intensive such as agriculture and forestry; castle is rented out, after the owner has built a more modern house, south of the castle. The  old horsestable has been transformed into a cozy and unique restaurant.

Meilgaard Castle in Renaissance style from l573 is situated in beautiful surroundings not far from forest and beach. One of the farm buildings has been converted into a restaurant.

Opening hours
01/01/2012 - 31/12/2012 Norddjurs -

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Meilgaardvej 15
8585 Glesborg


  • Access

    • only access to castle garden
    • only visible from the outside
  • City / Area

    • Djursland
    • Norddjurs
  • Feel like

    • Aktiv 3
    • Hygge 4
    • Læring 1
    • Outside
    • Tøsesjov 2
  • General facilities

    • coach/truck parking
    • Restaurant/Cafe
  • Intended audience

    • adults

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  • Coordinates

    Longtitude : 10.657759
    Latitude : 56.502898