Menneskedyr (Feline Man)

Feline Man (Menneskedyr), Granite Sculpture by Claus Ørntoft, 2007-08, Bjergby

When you pass this sculpture on Bjergby's main street, you may think like many others: Should it be crooked? Yes, it should, for the sculpture is a monolith, it is carved out of a single stone and its dynamics are such in the tilted position, which at frightens and amazes at the same time.

The artist calls this, “Such an odd man creature”. It sits on its crooked pedestal and looks across the road. Some may do a double-take as they rush past when they see this sculpture.

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Lægehuset, Skagens Landevej 76, Bjergby
9800 Hjørring


  • Type

    • Sculpture

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 10.021560092
    Latitude : 57.511723078

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