MINDblowing Meetovation

Denmark benefits from a long tradition of innovation and knowledge-sharing. Especially our approach to innovative meeting design concepts focused on team building, learning and knowledge-sharing are one of our destination’s great assets. 

In 2003, we took a quantum-leap step by introducing a new concept dubbed Meetovation. We basically decided to break with the old-fashioned and conventional ways of conducting meetings and conferences. Today, our ever evolving Meetovation meeting design concept shows how to create MINDblowing meetings and how we Danes dare do things just a little bit different..!

Why Meetovation

Innovation and knowledge sharing can’t be disassociated with Danish society. Our way of thinking and our stance on problem-solving and business belong to our nation’s great assets.

We like to focus on learning, dialogue, knowledge sharing and teambuilding as apparent ways of reaching targeted goals.

Today’s delegates have moved on from endless one-way communication. They share thoughts and ideas rather than just reflexively listening.

New technologies have created new opportunities – and that applies to the Meeting Industry too. Globalization and cultural diversity set new demands.

Meetings are acknowledged as important and efficient communication tools, but highly demanding in terms of time and money.

There must be ways to improve efficiency and outcome and excite and encourage everyone involved – to meet and motivate; Meetovate!

Danish research studies on learning and the nature of meetings

A better return on your meeting investment

The early stages of Meetovation

The key elements of Meetovation – in short

Join the forces – get ‘Meetovated’!