Mou Go-Kart

”Mou Go-Kart” welcomes you to the nicest outdoor go-cart track in Jutland. Here, both children and grown-ups can experience speed and excitement. 

The track is located on a 40.000 m2nature area at the edge of the town Mou. The track has start positions for 6 go-carts in Grand Prix and 10 positions for other races.

We rent out go-carts for individuals, companies and more in connection with birthdays, stag parties, office parties or the like (from aged 10)

A cafeteria, toilets, playground and an equipment shop is located near the track.

In 2009, 15 new caroli-carts were bought for season start.

We call attention to the fact that persons who are driving are not intoxicated or influenced by other drugs.

For opening hours see here

For more information on prices, races or the like, see here.

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Dokkedalvej 59B
9280 Storvorde


+45 98311231

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 10.2350688
    Latitude : 56.8476211

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