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Musikhuset Elværket

Musikhuset Elværket is a music scene and a culture house with practice rooms for primarily alternative amateur musicians and cultural events that are not really represented anywhere else in North Sealand.

At Elværket there are concerts with bands from all over the country and often from abroad. The local scene is also very active with frequent performances from the 11 practice rooms in the house. A wide variety of genres are represented, like rock, pop, heavy metal, punk, blues, samba, etc.

Elværket = The Power Station lies in a defunct power station  owned and provisioned by Helsingør Municipality.

Opening hours

01/01/2015 - 31/12/2017 Monday - Sunday

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Rosenkildestien 3
3000 Helsingør


4926 0217/4926 2217

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Longitude : 12.607878
Latitude : 56.0321368