The National Park from Farum to Slangerup

Green and blue in Denmark's oldest and greatest nature preserve!

What do you care for the most? - The abundant landscape, the villages, wet meadows and rushing streams, large forest and shrubbery, burial mounds from the bronzeage or.....? - Why don't you set off on another exploration of some of the loveliest sceneries in Denmark right here between Farum and market town Slangerup? - This is an area of distinctive natioanl beauty - let the smells, light and beauty have its soothing effect on your mind - and protect you from developing "holiday stress".

Guide can be booked via the Tourist Office.

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Naturparken mellem Farum og Slangerup
3550 Slangerup


  • Facilities

    • Lavatory
    • Restaurant/Cafe
    • Coach park
    • Ranger-guided tours
    • Marked-out routes



Longitude : 12.210839
Latitude : 55.829938