Child-friendly cycling holidays

With gentle terrain, safe tracks and well sign-posted routes, Denmark is a fantastic family cycling destination. You can make it easy for your children by planning routes that are less hilly and combining natural experiences with the excitement of attractions along the way, such as zoos and amusement parks.

Cycling in Denmark is safe and easy. With the following ideas, information and inspiration, you and your family can get planning and pedalling for a cycling holiday to remember.

Cycling with children

If your children can already ride a bike, you can easily plan a holiday with the whole family on bikes. Much of Denmark’s extensive cycle route network takes roads with little traffic or trails in forest and open countryside. Handy online tools such as the Danish Cycling Federation’s route planner can help you plan a trip that takes in the most gentle terrain and quietest roads.

Remember to plan in plenty of rest stops along the way and keep your little pedallers motivated with visits to the many amusement parks, zoos and other attractions along Denmark’s cycling routes.

Using a bike trailer

If your kids can’t yet ride a bike, that’s no problem. Many bike rental shops can rent you safe and secure bike trailers, so you can pedal for your children and take them along with you. Make sure you test the trailer before you take it, to see that it is light and stable. You can also get bike trailers that fold together, to be taken on the train.

Other ways to take your children with you

If your children are learning to ride, you can consider hiring a half bike, which looks like a bike at the back but attaches to your bike at the front. This way, you can both pedal and they learn what it feels like to be out on two wheels.

You can also rent a family tandem, which is great fun and means that you can easily talk to each other along the way. Deciding who gets to sit at the front is not always easy though!

Best biking spots

There are super spots for cycling all across Denmark, but in particular, Denmark’s islands tend to be more compact and with less traffic. You can take your bikes on ferries to great cycling destinations such as Samsø, Aerø, Falster and Møn. On Bornholm, many of the island’s cycle routes run along disused railway lines, for that extra special cycling experience.

Cycling and camping

You’ll find lots of great accommodation along your cycling holiday route. Camping is a really child-friendly option, where your kids can meet other kids, as long as you don’t mind cycling with the extra baggage of tents and sleeping bags. Many campsites also have cottages and cabins which you can rent.

If you crave the quiet of immersion in the great outdoors, why not cycle to one of Denmark’s nature camps or wild camping areas? The facilities are modest, but if the weather is good, there’s no better way to achieve complete peace and tranquillity.


If you have your children with you, a hostel can be a great option and there’s not far to cycle between hostels in Denmark. There’s also a great chance you’ll meet other cyclists and families on cycling holidays here.

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