East Jutland

East Jutland offers you a wonderful combination of fertile landscape, expansive forests, sandy shorelines and bustling big cities. The green and hilly landscape of the region was formed by the glaciers of the last glaciation. Valleys, gorges and deep fjords were all carved by the flow of glacial melt water and when the ice finally disappeared around 14,000 years ago, it left a beautiful, hilly moraine landscape. You’ll find that East Jutland is easily accessible and full of varied, outdoor experiences. It's also home to Denmark's dynamic second city, Aarhus.


A diverse region

Family holidays at LEGOLAND or amongst Viking ruins; romantic walks along the beach or boating on a fjord; the buzz of Denmark's vibrant second city, Aarhus... East Jutland really does offer you everything!

Things to do in East Jutland

Make Aarhus your base so you can explore museums like ARoS and the Old Town Museum. Or head to East Jutland's wonderful countryside for hiking and canoing.

Things to do Aarhus

15 things you should try in and around Aarhus

Thinking of a short break in Aarhus? It's small and easy to get to know, it's full of photo-worthy sights, like the Iceberg building and Your Rainbow Panorama at the ARos Art Museum.

Explore the fjords

A short trip from Aarhus you'll find white-sand beaches along the Kattegat coast and numerous fjords. Along this jagged coastline you can enjoy calm swimming waters and family-friendly beaches, just a short trip from the city.

Rich cultural heritage

An ancient land, East Jutland sweeps you back through history, from Viking sights to 400 years BC, with the grizzly body of The Tollund Man in Silkeborg. And Denmark's second city, Aarhus, is a cultural hotspot too!


Aarhus is THE place to be!

Lonely Planet has named Denmark's dynamic second city one of their 10 European destinations you must see in 2016.

Walking East Jutland

National parks and unspoilt nature cover East Jutland, where you can walk along fjord beaches and across lakeland areas. Easily accessible from Aarhus and its airport, this area is a great place to see Denmark's countryside.

Mols Bjerge National Park

Mols Bjerge National Park

The Mols Bjerge National Park is one of the most rugged and varied landscapes in Denmark, with many rare animal and plant species. 

Quick facts

Main city: Aarhus
Nearest airports: Aarhus & Billund
International ferry port:
Grenaa (Sweden)
Distance from Copenhagen:
Aarhus (304km) 
Silkeborg (300km)
Vejle (235km) 

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