The Neolithic Stone - Troldkirken

One of the most beautiful long barrows in the country is situated on a small hill by the fiord, and is by locals called Troldkirken (the troll church). The long barrow is from the Neolithic Stone Age and situated at Sønderholm, about 12 kilometres west of Aalborg.

The long barrow is almost 50 metres long, 12 metres wide and encircled by 47 large stones, of which the end stones are several metres high. It became a preserved area in 1809.

Myths and strange episodes by the long barrow
According to legend, the long barrow is called troldkirken (the troll church) because once there was a troll on the other side of the fiord who became angry with Sønderholm because it hated the ringing of bells from the church and therefore threw a large stone across the fiord to destroy the tower. However, the stone did not reach the church and is today the large capstone on top of the long barrow. The stone is said to weigh around 7000 kilos.  

Troldkirken can be reached by car, bicycle, walking or bus no.1 towards Nibe.  

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