New Green guided tours of Copenhagen

Monday, November 26, 2012

Copenhagen is known as the ‘Capital of Sustainable Meetings’, not only due to its impressive range of eco-certified hotels and venues, COP15 back in 2009 and the ISO-20121 certification of the Dansih EU Presidency this year - but because of the city’s green profile on the whole. And in a time where the focus on the environment has never been greater, Green Energy Tours now offers a new type of guided tours centring on why Copenhagen is such a sustainable frontrunner.

Taking a guided tour with Green Energy Tours is bound to increase your knowlegde about wind energy, solar solutions, green city planning, green architecture and building renovation and transportation. You will find out more about how more than 36,000 cyclists make their way through the city each day and how and why Copenhagen was the first city in the world’ to be named official ‘Bike City’ by the International Cycling Union. The company offers standard pre-designed guided tours and tailor-made tours made to fit the specific needs and interests of its clients and can be arranged both for groups and private individuals. 

Its about a sustainable lifestyle

'Our tours are open to anyone interested in sustainability, but you don’t have to be a ‘sustainability devotee’ to get something out of our guided tours. Foreign delegates at meetings and conferences are often interested in getting out of the meeting room to experience a bit of the local feel before heading back home. An this is where the guided green tours of Copenhagen come in handy offering an insight into Danish climate strategy, renewable energy, power stations, waste-to energy and much more in jsut a few hours. The means of transportation varies from bike, bus, boat and electric cart to walking tours and all green guides are fluent in several foreign languages. 

Helene Hjortlund’s own background is as Communications Advisor in the energy sector. Later in life, Hjortlund decided to train as certified guide and it is the combination of these brilliant competencies that she has now combined and uses at Green Energy Tours.

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