Nibe Festival

Nibe Festival equals four days with lots of music, people and a great atmosphere. The festival first started in 1985 as a small concert on the back of a truck. Now, more than 15.000 people attend the festival each year. Its is now one of the six biggest festivals in Denmark.

Heaps of Music under the Oaks
On five different stages in the beautiful surroundings of tall oak trees, upcoming musicians and well-known artists play about 100 concerts with music of various genres. The festival is dedicated to ensuring the thriving musical environment and has a variety of artists and genres at all levels. Many of the trendy names in the music industry is represented at the festival, ensuring you have music to dance and sing along to.

You can enjoy the music, shop at the colorful market streets, or spend some time relaxing at the camp site, which is free of charge once your ticket is paid.

About 15.000 people attend the festival each year, but only 9.000 are allowed in at a time, as the festival is all about presence and intimacy. Nibe Festival is four days of music, people and great atmosphere.

Opening hours
29/06/2016 - 02/07/2016 Wednesday - Saturday

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Skalskoven, Nibe
9240 Nibe


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