Nibe Kirke

In 1992, a large number of beautiful mediaeval frescoes was disclosed in the aisle of Nibe Church. St. George and his tale of sufferings is one of many stories of the frescoes. The frescoes are painted by two different workshops, viz. the "Sæby Workshop" and the "Sebber Workshop".

Nibe Church has gone through an extensive restoration from 1989-1996 and appears today as an extremely bright and beautiful building. The restoration included the church building as well as the church.

The votive ship of Nibe Church is one of the most peculiar and distinctive votive ships in Denmark, namely a herring fishing boat which symbolizes the original prosperity of Nibe. owing to the herring fishery at the Liim Fiord.

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Mellemgade 6
9240 Nibe


+45 98351463


  • City / Area

    • Himmerland
    • Nibe
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    • Afternoon
    • Cosy
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    • Hygge 2
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    • Læring 4
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    • Quiet
    • Rolig 3
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    • adults
    • Family with children

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    Longtitude : 9.6377056999
    Latitude : 56.983081100