Niels Ebbesens Minde

The statue is raised in 1878 in memory of Niels Ebbensen and his men who fell at Nonnebjerg (north from Skanderborg) on the 2 of November 1340, during the battle of Skanderborg Castle.
The memorial is a high Visbycross of stone with a bronce sword in the middel. The ring of oakleafs around the sword and the lark in relief are also made of bronce.
The inscription says: 'A memorial to Niels Ebbesen and his followers'.
The memorial is raised after a collection and is designed by the sculptor Louis Hasseriss.
It has been moved several times due to road improvements.

Beautiful Skanderborg

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Mindet 5
8660 Skanderborg



Longitude : 9.9295959999
Latitude : 56.038808