Nordic Park and the horses

In beautiful surroundings in North Sealand, with forest and beach close at hand, Nordic Park is situated. An oasis of beauty, providing the setting for an unforgettable experience. Nordic Park focuses on self-development, health, and communion.

Nordic Park and the horses

We place emphasis on good relations and experiences between humans and horses. Our horses are healthy, well trained and well taken care of. Every horse has its own personality and charisma, which stands out clearly in the cooperation with us two-legged creatures. Our horse training is based on studies and knowledge of the behaviour and instincts in flocks of wild horses. This is why we have an appreciative, respectful, and clear approach in all dealings with our horses and in training them, which results in a harmonious and cooperative flock.

Going for a ride

We offer you a 2 hour sequence, working first with horsemanship and then finishing with a ride in the area. You get a solid foundation in working well together with your horse, working on the ground for a start, and when contact has been made it is time for riding.

We also arrange part-time rides with or without lunch, and day rides. Contact us for further information.

Hippo therapy

Hippo therapy is offered as a remedy against stress, anxiety, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, and for children and adolescents with behavioural and social problems.

Hippo therapy is a therapeutic tool, the horse being our “mutual third”, helping people with emotional and psychological troubles towards well-being. It has been proved and documented that being together with and relating to horses under the guidance of a trained therapist enhances your well-being and contact with yourself and others, developing your ability to concentrate and to learn, and generally stimulates people’s development. 


YOGRI is a brand new concept, specifically combining yoga and hippo therapy. YOGRI is above all suitable for people with special needs, among them children, adolescents, and adults with emotional, behavioural, learning, and social challenges.



From September 2013 we are offering drop-in yoga. This will take place on Wednesdays at 18.30-20 and on Fridays at 10-11.30 a.m.

Apart from these activities we offer a wide range of courses during the year. You can read about them on our homepage


Opening hours

01/06/2014 - 31/01/2015 Monday - Sunday

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