Open house on Vedsted Skovhus og Rørbæk savværk

Open house at Vedsted Skovhus and Rørbæk sawmill

Meet at the parking area east of Rebild.
Sawmill Guild quickens Rørbæk Sawmill, start the saw and manufactures boards. The story of the sawmill and project Vedsted Skovhus.
Activities for children and adults - kids can be allowed to fell a tree.
Bring your picnic basket, which is open at lunch house.
An offer for the whole family.

Arr: Rebild Sawmill Guild, Fiddler's, - Hunting and Forestry Museum and Nature Agency Himmerlandsbanken.

VENUE: parking lot on Himmerlandsvej just east of Rebild.

Event date/time
17/10/2015 - 17/10/2015 Rørbæk SavværkSaturday12:00 - 16:00

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Rebildvej 25B, Rebild
9520 Skørping


+45 98 39 16 04


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    • Nørager
    • Rebild
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    • Støvring
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    • For children
    • Nature
    • One-day events

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