The Passage-Grave Lundehøj

Lundehøj is a so-called "passage grave" with small chanbers - a type which is particularly widespread in the Limfjord area. The passage grave is a protected ancient monument open to the public.

Lundehøj contains a large burial chamber and a small side room where, at the entrance,  are 2 stones with petroglyphs. A Jættestue is a tomb building from the Neolithic age. The passage grave was built between 3200-2800 bc.

There is access to the mound through an iron gate. The key and candles are handed-over, for a symbolic donation, on the farm that you pass on the way up towards the mound.

Opening hours

26/10/2011 - 31/12/2019 Monday - Sunday

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    • Saint Hannes Cross
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