Pentecost in Aarhus

Pentecost in Aarhus
Pentecost in Aarhus offers plenty of experiences, activities and fun for the entire family. Enjoy art, music that will meet everyone’s taste, activities for adults and children or get some fuel into your veins.
Pentecost with music
At Den Gamle By - The Old Town Museum you can experience a musical Pentecost when you Sunday morning, in Simonsen’s Have, can buy a morning buffet and listen to the all male choir 'Arion' pay tribute to the Pentecost sun. You can also experience Living History where the old streets are filled with people who act as people did before. 

Inspiring exhibitions at ARoS
At ARoS Aarhus Art Museum you can enjoy many different exhibitions which have unique themes. While you are there you must be sure to take in a view of Aarhus while walking inside the colourful Your rainbow panorama

Music and fun amusements in Tivoli Friheden
At the "Fed Fredag" concert you can experience the Danish band Gnags. If you just want to have fun there are plenty of exciting activities in the amusement park.

Meet an Emperor at Moesgaard Museum
Meet Emperor Qin, the first Emperor of China. He managed to unite the country, which had been divided into seven states; however this came at a price, as the population saw his rule as being very tyrannical. At the exhibit you will be able to see a large number of objects, and full-scale terracotta warriors found within the huge underground burial palace built by the Emperor as a monument to his greatness.  

Aarhus Vocal Festival
Experience Aarhus Vocal Festival – the biggest festival of rhythmic vocal music in Europe. More than 1000 participants from all over the world gather at the festival, where no less than 60 concerts. This year the theme 'Creativity and Innovation'. 

Classic Race Aarhus
Experience a historic drive through decades in Aarhus with approximately 300 historical vehicles from Denmark and abroad.
Enjoy the sun and beatiful nature in Aarhus during Pentecost
Flowers burst to life during Pentecost and the nature is filled with colours and scents, experiences and activities that are completely irresistible. The nature surrouding Aarhus is a unique characteristic where experiences from the city and the beautiful nature are easily combined.
Tourist in Aarhus
Explore Aarhus and enjoy Pentecost with your family and friends.

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