The nightclub Penthouse in Nørregade is with its 1000 square meters, Copenhagen's largest nightclub. Penthouse has a wide selection of cocktails and champagne.

When you enter Penthouse, you will notice the good and happy atmosphere and the large dance floor in the middle of the club ensures that you will not go home without dancing at least one time.


There are two areas at the nightclub - Balcony and Ballroom.

Balcony is located on the balconies with eight sofa groups and it encircles the large ballroom.

At the sofa groups, large screens work as panoramic windows with 360 degree skyline views to the club.


Ballroom is surrounded by ten couches and have two bars with open bar on beer and soda bottle.

Ballroom is located close to the outdoor smoking lounge with its own bar, where the music is playing all night while you enjoy the fresh air under the open sky.

Opening hours
01/10/2012 - 31/12/2020 Friday, Saturday23:00 -

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Nørregade 1
1165 København K


+45 33117478


  • Age limit

    • 18 years

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 12.572020999
    Latitude : 55.6785974