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Ping Pong

Fun couples’ exercise that can be done in very large groups.

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Fun couples’ exercise that can be done in very large groups.


  • Physical movement
  • Laughing
  • Focus


5 minutes

Best suited for:

2-200 persons

How to get started:

- Ask the participants to form couples

- Ask them to decide who is ‘ping’ and who is ‘pong’

- Level 1: Ping is now to say "Ping" and pretend he is shooting a table-tennis ball to Pong (with the hand as bat). Pong responds "Pong" and returns the ball. Thus they are shooting back and forth for 30-40 seconds.

- Level 2: Explain to the participants that every time you clap, they are to change so that Ping says "pong" and Pong says "Ping". Clap multiple times – at first slowly and then faster.

- Level 3: Explain to the participants that they are now to control everything themselves. Each time one of them says "smash", the Ping becomes Pong and so on.

Learning tip:

Great collaboration is like playing ping-pong. You have to be quick and be able to send back balls sent by the other players.

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Ping Pong

Use this energizer to stimulate creativity and increase learning readiness. This exercise was invented by Paul Z. Jackson.