Danish food

If you like food, you’ll love Denmark! Not only does it have the world’s best restaurant, noma, but it’s also Scandinavia’s gourmet capital with 15 Michelin-starred restaurants. It’s not all about fine dining though. If you’re in need of a good hearty meal, Danish pubs, inns and cheap-eat restaurants are great options. Traditional Danish food has enjoyed a recent revival. Eat like a Dane at the country’s eponymous hot dog stands, or by ordering a famous Smørrebrød (open sandwich) for lunch. With a vast array of world cuisine available too, you won’t be going hungry in Denmark!

Nordic Cookery

Ever heard of Nordic Cookery and wondered what it really is? This summer, BBC Lifestyle will take you directly to the source of this popular food trend sweeping Scandinavia, exploring four food regions in Denmark. Each region has a wealth of Nordic restaurants, farm shops and food festivals, making Denmark a great place for a gastronomic tour. Get a taste for Denmark with our guides to the four regions in the BBC’s Nordic Cookery series.

Join TV chef Tareq Taylor around Denmark, in four fabulous Nordic Cookery programmes. Each episode delves deeper into local culture, sights and, of course, delicious Danish food!

Video: Nordic Cookery

The delicious phenomenon that started in one restaurant in Copenhagen and put Denmark on the world map for food.

A star-studded food city!

The World's Best Restaurant 2014 (noma), World's Best Chef (2011) and 17 Michelin stars... Copenhagen is Scandinavia's gourmet food capital and the place to try exceptional Scandinavian foods.

Superchef René Redzepi runs the exceptional Nordic kitchen at noma in Copenhagen. Adorned with two Michelin stars, noma has just snatched back the title of World's Best Restaurant which it held in 2010, 2011 and 2012!

noma is not the only world-class restaurant in Copenhagen. Restaurant Geranium has the world's best chef (2011) hidden away in its kitchen!

Food in Denmark

Have you ever tried an open sandwich, known as Smørrebrød? Do you know what Smushi is? You can find inspiration and ways to whet your appetite in Denmark right here.

The best of Danish food

It's not all fine dining in Denmark! Many Danes like nothing better than a hot dog from an outdoor stand on the way home from work! Explore some of Denmark's most popular food trends here...

Taste your way around Denmark with this mouth-watering guide to traditional Danish dishes.