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Who needs paper? Prepare your cycle route online before you leave and follow it on your mobile devices!

Danish Cycling Federation

Planning a cycling holiday in Denmark is now easier than ever, thanks to handy tools like the online cycling route planner from The Danish Cycling Federation. Log on to their site to find the quickest route from A to B, as well as read information on elevation, journey time and experiences along the route.

Google Maps

You can also plan your trip via Google Maps in a matter of seconds. Simply type your desired start and end destination in Denmark and choose the bike symbol. Drag and drop the route to take in interesting sights along the way. Their cycling map also shows you bike-only trails and lanes in green.

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Denmark is one of the world's best cycling destinations. There's no better way to delve into Danish culture than to hop on a bike. It's easy, cheap, safe and fun!

Denmark is a small and beautiful Kingdom where you are never more than 50km from the sea. Take a break along Denmark's 7,000km of coastline or on one of its 400 islands.